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Connector Latest Version Date Actions
CRM System
MessageBroker Connector - Aurea CRM Aurea CRM 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Salesforce Salesforce 01.03.2016  
ERP System
MessageBroker Connector - SAP SAP 12.04.2016  
Groupware System
MessageBroker Connector - Database Database 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Google Calendar Google Calendar 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - GoogleDrive Google Drive 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Mail Mail 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - MailChimp MailChimp 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Mandrill Mandrill 27.09.2016  
Operating System
MessageBroker Connector - Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft Windows Server 01.03.2016  
Social Media System
MessageBroker Connector - Facebook Facebook 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Google+ Google+ 01.03.2016  
MessageBroker Connector - Twitter Twitter 01.03.2016  
Survey System
MessageBroker Connector - Limesurvey Limesurvey 01.03.2016  
Web System
MessageBroker Connector - WebPlugin Web Plugin 01.03.2016  


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