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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Limesurvey


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Leading CRM software with industry-specific solutions
  • Fully Customizable
  • Centralized Master Data
  • Integrated Company Process
  • Powerful Campaign Management


  • Open Source and Free
  • Extensive Survey Platform
  • Complete Survey Functionalities
  • Various built-in Logic and Randomization
  • Active Support from Community Forum





Microsoft Dynamics Appointment

View Appointment

Imagine, you are a top sales man in your firm. It's a regular day at the office. You come to the office, greet everyone, you start your PC and notice in your CRM System that you have an appointment today. So you prepare all the things you need for the appointment and start driving to your potential customer.

Microsoft Dynamics Meet Customers

Meet Potential Customer

You arrive at the meeting point and with your sales skills you're presenting your firm's products and services. After that, you give them an offer they can’t refuse. Of course they accept your offer, and you walk out of the door smiling.

Microsoft Dynamics Send Survey

Send Survey

After the meeting you are going back to your office, open your CRM System, type in your sales report and input all the necessary information into the system. After you finish you send a questionnaire to your new customer to collect his feedback.

Microsoft Dynamics Survey Result

Survey Result

The survey results will be imported directly into your system. Depending on the question you put on the survey, you can use the results for almost everything. Think about; improving the product/service quality, sending your customer product information based on their interests, asses your sales team etc.



MessageBroker - RLS - UpdateCRM-Limesurvey - Plan


Your company is organizing an event in a couple of weeks and you want to know which of your clients are going to attend the event. You can invite Mike and all your other clients to participate in the survey you have created on Limesurvey through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this case the clients can answer with yes or no and the number of people he/she is bringing with.



MessageBroker - RLS - UpdateCRM-Limesurvey - Invitation


Mike will receive an email invitation to participate in the survey.

All he needs to do is to click the link provided in the email. New survey window will automatically open and Mike can now conveniently fill in the survey.



MessageBroker - RLS - UpdateCRM-Limesurvey - Response


Mike’s answer in the survey will automatically be reflected in Microsoft Dynamics CRM>Activities table>Response column. Therefore you will no longer need to input the response from each recipient manually.

Based on the response, each recipient will proceed to the respective follow-up activity as you have designed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Since Mike answered with yes and is coming alone, he will be automatically grouped into the Confirmation Target Group in Microsoft Dynamics CRM where he agrees to receive the additional information.



New Leads

After completing the survey, Mike will receive a confirmation email provided with a link he can share with his colleagues to also participate in the survey.
The new participants have to register into our system before they can start the survey. All this information will be saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for future campaign needs.



This is only one of many scenario you can do with this integration. Contact us if you still have question.


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MessageBroker Core - First Free Middleware System

MessageBroker Core

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MessageBroker Connector Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

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MessageBroker Connector Limesurvey

Limesurvey Connector

This connector is available on our ConnectorHub page.
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