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MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp - Plan


You want to send an email newsletter to all of your customers. You already have the customer data saved in your CRM System (we use Aurea CRM in this example) and now want to create a HTML version of your newsletter, maybe even hired a fancy web designer for this task. Your professional looking newsletter is finished and you want to send the newsletter directly from your CRM System.

You can do this manually but why risk your mail server to be black listed and your future newsletter to be flagged as spam? So you’ve done a little research online and found MailChimp. MailChimp gives you an advanced reporting system. This allows you to analyze which customer opened your newsletter, clicked on an additional link, or from what region most of your customer come from. And the best part is that you won’t be listed as spam! Because MailChimp will guide you sending better emails, with an integrated opt-in / opt-out procedure.

You’ve signed up for their free account and notice that the graphical user interface is really easy & good. To make a professional looking email newsletter, you just have to drag and drop the email element, upload your pictures and voilà, your newsletter is done. You have a professional looking email template with your own dedicated web view and is automatically optimized for mobile devices. And because MailChimp filters the bounce & not valid mails, you don’t have to worry you’ll be listed as spam.

By integrate with MessageBroker you can start this marketing activity directly from your CRM System and get all the analytics you need in your CRM System. Based on this data you can automatically set a following activity or gather the data for further data processing.

Below you can see how MessageBroker will help you with this process:



MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp  - Create-Campaign

Create Campaign

Create and start a MailChimp campaign directly from your CRM system. Add the required Information in the campaign mask like the email sender, subject, MailChimp email template, etc.



MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp  - Select-Target-Group

Select Target Group

Add your newsletter recipient by selecting a target group from your CRM system. This list of recipients will automatically be imported to your MailChimp account.



MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp  - Select-Template

Select Template

You first define one or more templates in MailChimp: newsletter, invitation, feedback or announcement - templates. Now select this predefined template from your CRM system.



MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp - Edit-Content

Edit Content

Edit the content (text and images) for your current campaign. You can add sections to your template by selecting the element from the MailChimp library or remove it by clicking on the trash icon.

MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp - Send


After everything is setup, you are ready to send the newsletter. Just click on the send button and the process is completed. You can also schedule your campaign to start at a custom set time.



MessageBroker - RLS - Aurea CRM-MailChimp - Get-Report

Get Report

MessageBroker will retrieve the analytics data from MailChimp and send it to your CRM system, this way you won’t have to open MailChimp or manually import the data to your CRM system.


Download Components

MessageBroker Core - First Free Middleware System

MessageBroker Core

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MessageBroker Connector Aurea CRM

Aurea CRM Connector

This connector is available on our ConnectorHub page.
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MessageBroker Connector MailChimp

MailChimp Connector

This connector is available on our ConnectorHub page.
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