MessageBroker is a free middleware program based on Microsoft technologies. With simple usability, high stability and easy installation process, MessageBroker really makes System Integration to be a stress-free and cost-efficient project.

Our core system, the MessageBroker-Core, is available for you free of charge and can be downloaded here. This core system acts as the middle-man where it will translate all the incoming and outgoing messages from different systems into one common language, and manage all the process flows within the integrated systems. MessageBroker is developed using standard Microsoft Technology, such as :

TraceSource provides tracing methods that allow you to easily trace events, trace data, and issue informational traces. It can be configured to determine where the trace information is to be sent and what levels of activity are to be traced. The output is also configurable, such as text file, xml encoded data, windows event log.

MessageBroker is a dynamic and ongoing Project. This means that you will be seeing continuous improvements both in UI and functionality aspects. You can help us speed up the development stage by sharing your thoughts on MessageBroker through our Q&A platform. Your inputs are highly appreciated.


MessageBroker Connector

In addition to the MessageBroker-Core, you will also need a connector to integrate MessageBroker with the system of your choice. Each connector is developed specific with certain functionalities for one system. You can find these specifics in each of the connector’s description page in the Admin page.

You can download our ready-to-use connectors in the ConnectorHub and if you don’t find the connector you need, feel free to contact us for a connector request. If you are familiar with .NET and XML-Format-Structure, then you are well on your way to build your own connector through our MessageBroker API. For more information please see the Connectors page.

Besides the freely available connectors, our ConnectorHub also provides you with premium connectors available for purchase.


The Basic Idea


Real Life Scenario: You have a CRM-System, an accounting system, an ERP-System and you also have the system's connectors and receiver. The receiver can take message formats like XML, REST-API or receive a message from a webservice.

For example: Your CRM-System needs to acquire some information from ERP. However the information in ERP will only be available if the parameter from the accounting system is present. With conventional system integration procedure, you will have to integrate ERP & your accounting system inside your CRM-System in order to achieve the goal. With MessageBroker its just as easy as defining a message's route and the system will run in no time.

Now just imagine that you have to add another system in the future, you might have to rebuild everything from scratch. This will cost you much time, effort and money.

MessageBroker acts in this situation as the “middle-man” for these systems and makes the integration procedure so much easier. Plug in the Connectors for each system into the MessageBroker-Core and you are all set!

Start integrating your systems today! Sign up and download MessageBroker now.


MessageBroker Admin Page

In the Admin page you can easily monitor the status of your message traffic and set the MessageBroker configuration.

MessageBroker About Us - Admin Page


The Team

IBS Technology

MessageBroker is created by IBS Technology. IBS Technology is an IT Consulting company, specialised in customizing CRM and system integration. Visit the company website for more information.

Our Service

We provide you with a range of freely available Connectors in our ConnectorHub page. Didn't find the connector you were looking for? Feel free to contact us for a request, or you can use our Premium Request feature for expedited and priority service.

About MessageBroker

Easy and cost-efficient approach for system integration. With our MessageBroker-Core and lots of flexible connectors, you can start integrating your systems today.

Didn't find the Connector you were looking for? Request or create one yourself using the provided Connector API.

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